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01753 574 721
Slough, Berkshire

DEEP (R) RF technology results in gradual skin tightening and collagen stimulation.

EndyMed Tightening and Contouring. It improves the appearance of lax, sagging skin and fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté. The treatment is also clinically proven to give excellent results in body contouring and circumference reduction. There is no downtime and the sensations is like a pleasant warm massage. No aesthetic is needed.

In order to carry out this treatment, we use a variety of different handpieces that are designed for different parts of the face and body.  Endymed can be used as a facial tightening treatment and therefore it can be referred to as a non-surgical face lift. The 3deep radiofrequency energy tightens and lifts the neck and face, leaving you with more youthful and radiant looking skin.

How Does It Work?

ENDYMED TIGHTEN treatment use an advanced form of radiofrequency energy, 3DEEP Skin Science, to heat deep within the skin where collagen is formed.

This heat causes an instant lift as your existing collagen contracts, but it also triggers a heat response in your skin that stimulates fibroblasts to produce new collagen, which is what gives you the natural, long-lasting results in skin tightening and lifting. The heat response also triggers other rejuvenating processes in your skin, improving its overall underlying structure and hydration.

After each treatment as your collagen contracts you will have an immediate lift and a healthy glow, the perfect pick-me up before a big event! Optimum results will be seen 3 months after your treatment course once the new collagen has been produced.

ENDYMED TIGHTEN is suitable for all skin types and has an excellent safety profile. Treatments are pain-free, most find them very relaxing – and there’s no downtime.

Each treatment will last between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the area that you’re having treated, and it’s recommended that you follow a course of six treatments overall. You can then return for ‘top-up’ treatments to maintain and enhance the results that you’ve already seen.


£110 - Single treatment

£550 - Course of 6

£120 - Single treatment

£600 - Course of 6

£120 - Single treatment

£600 - Course of 6

£180 - Single treatment

£900 - Course of 6

£200 - Single treatment

£1000 - Course of 6

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